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Phillips Energy Partners actively buys producing and non-producing mineral rights, royalties and overriding royalties. The philosophy of the company is summed up in one statement: “Treating everyone fairly, being honest with clients and helping to educate them about their mineral rights will always bring about satisfactory agreements in the end.”

If you own mineral rights, you potentially own a valuable asset. Selling those mineral rights is a complicated procedure, and the group of experienced, skilled individuals who work at Phillips Energy Partners can take the stress out of the process of selling your mineral rights. You may want to sell your mineral rights to buy a new car, build your dream home, finance your retirement, or send a child to college. Perhaps selling your minerals rights will help you renovate your home, pay off your debt, or simply provide you with quick cash. Phillips Energy Partners is the partner with the experience, integrity and capital to move quickly to buy your mineral rights and give you what you need.


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The Complexities of Utah’s Battle Over Mineral Rights Dating Back to 1906

The Complexities of Utah’s Battle Over Mineral Rights Dating Back to 1906

News regarding the oil and gas industry in the United States is often dominated by certain key states, including Texas, North Dakota, West Virginia, and a few others. However, one state has recently made headlines in the field, albeit for an issue that solely affects those within its borders. To be sure, the state of Utah, while rarely considered among the…

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Oil and Gas Mineral Rights 101

Phillips Energy Partners buys mineral rights, whether your mineral rights are producing or not producing, leased or not leased. The information below will give you an overview of the basics of buying and selling mineral rights.

Selling and Leasing Your Mineral Rights

Phillips Energy Partners is not involved in the leasing of your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties. Phillips Energy Partners is only interested in buying mineral rights, royalties and overrides. Whether your mineral rights are leased or not, the process of selling them to Phillips Energy Partners is simple. Phillips Energy Partners can work with you to determine the value of your mineral rights and make a quick, fair and efficient offer to buy your mineral rights.

Learn More About Selling Your Mineral Rights

There are some important things to consider when selling your mineral rights. Our Education section will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about selling your mineral rights. This section also provides an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge of the oil and gas industry as a whole. You can also learn more about basic oil and gas mineral rights questions.


Actively Buying STACK Play Mineral Rights

We Buy STACK Play Mineral Rights
With all eyes on Oklahoma’s STACK play thanks to strong drilling returns and wells that have proven resiliently lucrative at low oil and gas prices the timing is critical for mineral rights owners in the STACK play to evaluate their options. With a portfolio of over $500mm in closed deals and a legacy dating back four generations in the oil and gas industry, Phillips Energy Partners has both the experience and sterling reputation you can put your faith in to engage in mineral rights negotiations.

If you are a mineral rights owner in Oklahoma’s STACK play then there has never been a more opportune time to capitalize on your ownership of mineral rights in this burgeoning shale play. Mineral rights valuation is extraordinarily complex, but Phillips Energy Partners can be a strategic ally as you look to maximize the value of your STACK play mineral rights. Our mineral rights experts are committed to understanding your intentions and goals as we collaboratively work toward delivering a competitive cash settlement for your STACK play mineral rights.

Learn more about Oklahoma’s STACK Play here.


Expertise in the Eagle Ford Shale

Eagle Ford Shale Mineral Rights

With roots that date back four generations in the oil and gas industry, Phillips Energy Partners has a long history of helping mineral owners achieve their financial goals by converting their minerals, royalties and interests in burgeoning shale plays, like the Eagle Ford, into a competitive cash settlement. We are actively buying mineral rights in the Eagle Ford Shale.

If you own minerals in the Eagle Ford area, you stand to receive a share of the production income as oil and gas is extracted over time. As an alternative, Phillips Energy Partners offers mineral owners that revenue up front rather than waiting to receive it in the future by purchasing your mineral rights now.

Learn more about the Eagle Ford Shale here.


Areas of Interest

Phillips Energy Partners is currently focusing on these shale plays. However, we are actively pursuing mineral rights from any area in the United States. We are interested in evaluating your mineral rights regardless of their production or lease status. We buy producing and non-producing mineral rights, as well as leased and non-leased mineral rights. If you are interested in selling your oil and gas royalties or selling your mineral rights, contact us for a quote right away.

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Why Should I Sell My Mineral Rights to PEP?

Phillips Energy Partners has an experienced, expert staff ready to work immediately with landowners interested in selling their mineral rights. With Phillips Energy Partners’ access to capital through EnCap Investments, there is no delay and the money from the sale of your mineral rights is immediately available. Phillips Energy Partners can close the sale of your mineral rights quickly and fairly. Our transparent process ensures that you completely understand each step in the purchase of your mineral rights.

Quick Cash for Your Mineral Rights

There are many advantages to selling your mineral rights to Phillips Energy Partners, whether you want to accelerate your cash flow or just convert your mineral rights to a more liquid asset. From buying a new home to financing your retirement to paying off debts, selling your mineral rights to Phillips Energy Partners offers you quick cash for any use. Chances are, you already know why you want to sell your mineral rights. Once you’ve made the decision to sell those mineral rights, Phillips Energy Partners is here to help you through the process.

Lower Taxes and Diversify Your Assets by Selling Your Mineral Rights

Any smart investor knows you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Learn more about how you can lower your taxes by selling your mineral rights to Phillips Energy Partners. You can also diversify your investment portfolio when Phillips Energy Partners buys your mineral rights.

Learn more about the benefits of selling your mineral rights.